Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012!

Happy Holidays!

I've become a car buff of late.  Mid-life crisis?  Perhaps.  Better late than never!

I dug up some old memories of the Cornell gang (see photos below) and their cars, but I am missing many of you.  Let me test my memory:

  • Frank: AMC Gremlin and Eagle
  • Peter: Mazda Mazda6
  • Wayne: Red Honda Prelude
  • Helen: Grey Honda Prelude
  • George: Blue Honda Prelude
  • Florence: BMW
  • Philip: BMW
  • me: Acura Integra

Enjoy the memories and here's looking forward to 2013!

Who is this guy and what car is this?
Toyota Celica replaces the Dodge Dart. But a new Dart lives:

The Evil Tercel

Keeta can't drive stick.

Garfield watches my back

Matthew leaves his Dad in the dust.

A Miata at the NY Auto Show suits me.

Or how about a 1997 Acura NSX?
The road beckons.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wendy Raymond

Wendy Raymond with her husband Dave

I found Wendy on Schoellkopf Field and we recounted the time she set her lab bench on fire. We were in chem lab 301 or 302, I can't recall precisely. I do know it was Professor Rasmussen's class and our TA was a fellow named Jay.

Anyway, the experiment involved distillation. Wendy needed to cool down her equipment and reached for what she thought was a water bottle. Unfortunately, the water bottle looked just the the acetone bottle, and acetone was what she wound up spraying on her flask. Jay came by and covered much of the fire, but I could have sworn he took a deep breath and blew out the remaining flames. Maybe he had a cape on too...

Wendy is currently an assistant professor of biology at Williams. She's also a Red Sox fan. Although I'm from New York, no worries as I am NOT a Yankee Fan. I'm a Mets fan. Let's go Mets!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Frank Loh

Left to right: me, Judge Ito, a young Frank ;-)

Okay, it's really me, Frank, and his son Garrett having lunch under a tent in the Arts Quad. Frank and I were roommates during our senior year. He is now a neurologist and a father of two. I learned that this Saturday morning, he and Garrett went on a long distance run to the Plantations. I remember needing my bicycle to get out there.

Frank introduced me to Gerry Cocco, also class of '82. I never knew him during my undergraduate years, but it turns out he does Palm software for the medical community. I used to do that too, but found it a really tough niche; I wish Gerry much success.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Phil Chao

Friday evening I ran into Phil Chao. Here's a photo of us in the lobby of Mary Donlon. As freshman we took Mandarin 101 and 102 together. Class met 8am Monday through Friday, a schedule I vowed never to repeat.

Today, Phil is a lawyer for the FDA and he hears it from both sides: "The FDA is approving too slowly. People are dying!", and "The FDA is approving too quickly. People are dying!"

I know Phil is one of the good guys.

Here are some photos he took during the reunion.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Friday Afternoon Check-in

At the registration table, I was asked if I was in the engineering school. Those who knew me at Cornell will appreciate the irony. After years of making fun of engineers, I am mistaken for one. (I knew I should have left my pocket protector at home.) For the record, I attended Cornell's School of Arts & Sciences and appreciate a balanced curriculum of reading, writing, and arithmetic -- not just arithmetic. :-)

My wife, son, and I were placed in Low Rise 7. It was a bit of an adjustment to live in a dorm again -- small room, beds with springs that go boing, shared bathrooms, and sometimes noisy neighbors.

Low Rise 7.

Mae and Matthew in front of McGraw Tower.

Taking a break at the coffee shop in Olin Library.

For the coffee aficionados, they served "Seattle's Best." And you guessed it, the photo was taken by Matthew.

More to come...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'll be arriving Friday Evening

I found these links helpful...

To see events by class schedule, click here.

To see events by day, click here.

See you soon!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some nice shots from Peter Chui